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Posted: May 13, 2021
Plastic surgery and non-surgical cosmetic treatments saw a decline in 2020. After several years of increase, the pandemic managed to reduce the number of cosmetic rejuvenation and enhancements performed between 2019 and 2020. However, there has still been a steep increase in the number of… Read Full Post
Posted: April 06, 2021
During breast augmentation surgery, breast implants can be placed in one of three locations: Subglandular: Underneath the breasts, but above the muscles of the chest Submuscular: Underneath both breast tissue and chest muscle Dual Plane: Partially underneath chest muscles, fully underneath the… Read Full Post
Posted: March 11, 2021
Male breast reduction is typically performed with liposuction. In some cases, glandular tissue must also be removed to fully restore definition to the chest. Both of these methods are considered safe and suitable for most healthy males. As with any surgical procedure, male breast reduction comes… Read Full Post
Posted: February 09, 2021
Mommy makeover surgery includes a number of procedures that are designed to improve the areas of the body most impacted by pregnancy, labor, and breastfeeding. Mommy makeover surgery commonly includes: Breast Surgery: Breast lift and breast augmentation are often included in mommy makeover surgery… Read Full Post
Posted: August 19, 2020
When planning your breast augmentation procedure, you will have to make important decisions on a variety of options. One choice that will significantly impact your final outcome is the shape of your breast implant. There are two different implant shapes: Round implants Teardrop implants During… Read Full Post
Posted: April 14, 2020
Virtual consultation can mean a lot of things, but most of those things are limited. A call to discuss your goals, emailing photos for a plastic surgeon to review, and relying on guess-work – even when informed – can be helpful, but only to a point. For in-person consultations, Dr. Panchal… Read Full Post
Posted: March 16, 2020
Following your breast augmentation procedure, board-certified OKC plastic surgeon Dr. Jayesh Panchal will carefully cover your incisions with gauze before placing your breasts into a specially designed support bra and taking you to the recovery area where we will monitor your vitals until you are… Read Full Post
Posted: December 17, 2019
Bariatric surgery is an effective way to lose weight rapidly – typically allowing patients to shed hundreds of pounds in just 12 to 24 months. Radically transforming the body, weight loss surgery often happens so rapidly that the skin does not have time to shrink accordingly. This can leave an… Read Full Post
Posted: October 02, 2019
Breast augmentation is accomplished with silicone or saline implants. Breast implants are medical devices and, while many can last for 10, 15, 20 years or more, they may not last for a lifetime. Breast augmentation is not considered a permanent procedure, though it can produce results for several… Read Full Post
Posted: April 24, 2019
Genesis Plastic Surgery & Med Spa is moving to a new, larger location in Norman. Our projected opening date is May 15th. Please watch this space for updates. Our new office will be located at 940 Wall Street, Suite 1, where we will continue to offer advanced and effective services with the… Read Full Post