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Breast augmentation has been the most popular plastic surgery procedure at Genesis Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa for a number of years – and for good reason: it is exceptionally effective at enhancing the size, shape, and profile of the chest, helping to bring the bust into perfect alignment with all surrounding curves and features.

Board-certified Oklahoma City plastic surgeon Dr. Jayesh Panchal offers a range of breast implant options and breast augmentation techniques to help ensure each procedure he performs meets the specific needs of the individual. If you have been considering breast augmentation, we encourage you to get in touch with Dr. Panchal for a private and confidential one-on-one consultation where he can listen to your desires, discuss all of your options, and guide you towards the most effective solution for your needs.

Genesis offers an exciting way to see your future breast prior to your surgery. When you come in for a consultation to see Dr. Panchal, he will create 3D images of your breasts and place your new breast implants in the 3D image. You will be given virtual reality glasses and you will be able to see your new breasts today. Click here to learn more.

Call Genesis Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa in Norman at 405-310-6767 or in Edmond at 405-340-9949 to schedule your breast augmentation consultation today. Dr. Panchal welcomes women from Oklahoma City and all surrounding areas of Oklahoma.

Who Is the Best Candidate for Breast Augmentation?

Many people wonder what exactly breast augmentation is. Breast augmentation, also known as augmentation mammoplasty, is a procedure in which a woman’s breasts are enhanced in size and shape. Many women seek out this surgery because:

  • It can improve the body shape of a woman who feels her breasts are too small
  • It can restore the lost volume in the breasts resulting from weight loss or pregnancy
Panchal Breast Aug page Image
  • It can help correct proportions in breasts that are asymmetrical in shape and size
  • It can help sagging breasts regain their shape and firmness.
  • To achieve an improvement in the bust line, a surgeon must insert a breast implant behind each breast. If you are considering breast augmentation surgery, a basic understanding of the procedure can help answer many of your questions. If you still feel like your questions have not been answered, please feel free to ask Dr. Panchal. Call Genesis Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa in Edmond or Norman, Oklahoma, at 405-340-9949 today.

    See what our patients are saying

    "I am 7 days after a breast lift and augmentation. So far everything has gone well. Dr. Panchal has been attentive, caring and if there is such a thing as an artist in the world of surgery he is at the top of the list. A Rembrandt in his field. His staff is kind and very accommodating. Quick to answer questions and help in any way. I go back Thursday for a check up and I will post more as I move through this adventure. If you want the best in Oklahoma see Dr. Panchal. Thanks for reading."

    "I've always been small chested. I've breastfed my kids and do not plan on having anymore. I am 5' 4" and 135lbs and was a 34A -B. I got 435cc Sientra memory gel, medium profile, under the muscle. My experience was AMAZING! I would recommend it again and again! I was empty in the top of my breast, probably from Breastfeeding. Not anymore! The doctor was able to show me 3D imaging to show what I would look like in the end which helped my decision greatly. I couldn't be happier!"

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    What Is a Breast Implant?

    A breast implant is a silicone shell that is filled either with an elastic silicone gel (memory gel/gummy bear). After being researched, tested, and reviewed by a panel of physicians for safety, silicone implants have been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) since 2006.

    How To Find the Best Types of Breast Implants

    Genesis has the variety of breast implants Oklahoma City needs. Based on a woman’s breast anatomy, body type, and desired size increase, Dr. Panchal can determine the best type of implant filler, implant size, and implant shape.

    Other considerations include your lifestyle, goals, and personal preferences, as well as Dr. Panchal's recommendations. There are plenty of new styles and types of breast implants available for you to choose from.

    New FDA-approved silicone breast implants:

    In November 2006, the FDA approved the use of silicone breast implants for all patients requesting breast augmentation over the age of 22 and for breast reconstruction. Silicone breast implants have been in use for the last 10 years and over a million women have used them all around the world. They are now available to you in the U.S.

    New FDA Approved Silicone Implant

    The new silicone breast implants have Memory Gel which features cohesive gelatin-like gel which acts more like a solid rather than a liquid. It holds together uniformly while retaining the natural feel of the breast tissue. They are also called gummy bear implants. In the past there has been a worry about the silicone implant rupturing and the gel leaking, resulting in lumps in the breast. The newer implants are much safer. In fact, when the implant is cut in half and the implant is held upside down, the gel does not flow but stays within the implant.

    Unlike a saline implant, the silicone gel implants have a feel that is very natural and therefore result in a natural-looking breast rather than an unnatural augmented look.

    Recent studies conducted by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons show that although the majority fo women used saline implants in 2006, now in 2014 over 99%% of the women chose silicone gel prosthesis compared to saline implants.

    More Styles. More Choices.

    Round gel-filled implants come in three different profiles (Moderate, Moderate Plus, and High Profile), and in both smooth and textured surfaces. Mentor has been making breast implants for over 20 years. Over two decades of manufacturing implants have given Mentor and Sientra enormous experience, and a global reputation for integrity and consistency.

    Memory gel implant cut in half

    The picture here shows a Memory Gel (gummy bear) Implant cut in half and turned upside down, showing that the gel does stick to itself.

    Over a million women around the world have had breast augmentation using the Mentor Memory Gel, so if you are considering breast augmentation or a breast lift, call us for more information.

    A smooth surface round implant is commonly chosen for you. Textured surface implants tend to have a higher rate of fluid formation around them.

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    Silicone vs Saline Implants


    • FDA approved
    • More natural
    • Natural feel
    • Does not create lumps
    • Slightly More expensive
    • Cannot adjust the size after surgery
    • Life long warranty
    • Rupture very uncommon


    • FDA approved
    • More firm
    • Saline leakage only
    • Slightly Less expensive
    • Can adjust the size after surgery
    • Only 10 years warranty
    • Commonly rupture

    As silicone implants are safer and have a better cosmetic result and because they now have a life long warranty Dr. Panchal does not feel the need to recommend saline implants in any new patients.

    Silicone vs Saline breast implants

    What Is the Right Size for Me?

    The size of a breast implant is measured in cubic centimeters (CCs) based on the volume of the silicone filler. It is not difficult to choose the right size of the implant. It is based primarily upon your breast width. Choosing an implant wider than your chest will result in the implant rubbing against your arm. Choosing an implant narrower than your breast, on the other hand, makes it look very unnatural. Once the implant width is determined, it is easy to find out the right profile for you based on the amount of existing breast tissue you already have and what you want to achieve with your surgery. During your consultation you will also be given a chance to see yourself in the mirror with the implant inside a tight tank top, so you will have a fair idea of how it will look after the surgery.

    Dr. Panchal also has software that will scan your breasts and create a 3D image in 10 minutes. He will consult with you on the size and place those implants inside your 3D image. He will give you virtual reality glasses and you will see yourself with new implants in your breasts. Patients love that they can visualize how they will look after breast augmentation before they have the actual surgery.

    We at Genesis Plastic Surgery are very confident that you will get the right size, because Dr. Panchal does not remember when he had to change the implant size because the implants were too big or too small for his patients. We get it right nearly always for you.

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    Is Fat Injection an Option?

    Yes, studies are currently underway to determine the success rate of fat injection into the breasts. Although fat can be injected easily, the long-term durability is not known.

    The effect of injected fat on future mammograms and the difficulty of breast cancer detection are also being studied extensively. Until these results are very clear, we will be waiting before I inject fat into the breast for cosmetic enlargements.

    Where Your Surgery Will Be Performed

    Dr. Panchal will perform the breast augmentation in Oklahoma City at a hospital outpatient facility.

    What Types of Anesthesia are offered?

    Breast augmentation can be performed with general anesthesia, so you'll sleep through the entire operation.

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    The Procedure

    The method of inserting and positioning your implant will depend on your anatomy. There are three locations where incisions can be made. The first is under the underarms, the second around the areola, and the third under the breasts. Each incision has its advantages and disadvantages, and I will discuss and recommend what is best for you during the consultation. In the vast majority of patients, the final incision is barely visible after six months to a year following the surgery.

    Once the incision has been made I will lift the breast and muscle and place the implant in the space created. The implant will be inserted, and the incision will be closed in multiple layers.

    The surgery usually takes one to two hours to complete.

    How are the Implants placed?

    Implants can be placed behind the breast or behind the muscle or a combination of both (dual plane technique).

    There is a good amount of medical evidence showing that placing the implant behind the breast significantly increases the risks of the formation of scar tissue or capsular contracture. This has been shown in numerous medical studies and in different countries over the past decade. The implant edge can be visible and the implant rippling is more visible if the implant is placed behind the breast.

    Placing the implant completely behind the muscle makes the implant sit higher and tends to result in an unnatural appearance for three weeks post-surgery. They settle into the right position after three weeks. But this option has a very low incidence of capsular contracture, and the implant edges are not visible.

    A combination technique (dual plane) allows the vast majority of the implant to be placed behind the muscle, reducing the chances of the capsular contracture, but the lower edge muscle is divided so that the implant does not appear to be higher and the breast has a more natural appearance. This is the technique I have used for many years, and it has resulted in the best outcomes.

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    Breast Lift with Implants

    Age, genetics, weight fluctuations, and pregnancy can impact the volume and the lift of your breasts. If loose, sagging skin, droopy breasts, or irregular nipple placement are present in addition to issues with size and shape, Dr. Panchal may suggest combining a breast lift with your augmentation procedure.

    A woman covering her breasts with her arm

    Augmentation will not address ptosis. A lift will not address volume loss. Together, however, these two procedures can produce a firm, lifted, and ideally shaped breast mound that is complimentary and complimented by surrounding body parts. If a combination of procedures would make sense in your situation, Dr. Panchal will discuss this option in greater detail during your initial consultation.

    What Are the Risks Following Breast Augmentation?

    In rare instances, bleeding follows surgery and may cause swelling and pain. To control persistent bleeding, surgery might be needed to manage the bleeding and remove the build-up of blood.

    If an infection occurs around the implant, which is very rare, the implant might be removed for several months until the infection goes away. A new implant can be reinserted afterward. An infection can occur at any time but is often noticed within a week after surgery.

    Once an implant has been placed, your body will form some scar tissue around it. If excessive scar tissue is deposited, this may lead to capsular contracture. To minimize the chances of this happening, implants are placed behind the muscle (submuscular). Some women have residual asymmetry after this surgery. After all, minor asymmetry is present in most women prior to any surgery. Implants generally have a life long warranty. Regular monitoring is essential. Routine mammograms should be performed. Current medical literature does not support any evidence of a link between breast implants and cancer of the breast, nor does it support any link between breast implants and autoimmune diseases. Many potential mothers wonder if breast implants will obstruct their ability to breast-feed. Although pregnancy and similar changes to a woman’s body may change the outcome of any breast surgery, there is generally not an interference with the ability to breastfeed. It is very important to discuss your choices of breast implant surgery with your surgeon if you are considering becoming pregnant and breastfeeding in the future.

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    After Surgery

    After your surgery, you will likely feel tired and sore for a few days. You will most likely be up and about in one to two days. I will prescribe medication so that most of your discomfort can be controlled.

    Soon after your surgery, your dressings will be taken off and you will use a surgical bra. For about two weeks, you will feel a burning sensation in your nipples, but this will settle down. Swelling will take three to five weeks to disappear.

    When can I return to normal activities after my surgery?

    Most people return to work within a few days. It mostly depends on the amount of activity required for your job.

    Make sure you follow our advice on when to begin normal activities or exercise. You should avoid physical contact with your breasts because they will be sensitive to direct stimulation for two to three weeks. Usually three to four weeks after surgery, your breasts will no longer feel sore.

    For women in the appropriate age group, mammograms should be continued even after the surgery. Make sure that you let the mammogram technician know that you have an implant so they can use special techniques to perform the mammogram.

    Your New Self

    Your results after your surgery can be highly satisfying as you learn to love your new self.

    You should still have follow-ups even after your surgery. You should also conduct a monthly breast self-exam and schedule a regular diagnostic breast screening.

    A woman posing in a white bra

    Once you're happy with your new shape and size, you can fully enjoy your new look.


    How Long Do Breast Implants Last?

    Implants typically last 10 to 20 years. However, many people have implants that last longer without any issues.

    It's essential to have regular check-ups with Dr. Panchal to monitor your condition. If complications arise, such as rupture or capsular contracture, implant replacement may be necessary sooner.

    Can I Breastfeed After Getting Implants?

    Most women with implants can breastfeed without difficulty. However, the type of surgery and the implant placement can influence your ability to do so. 

    Implants placed under the muscle and incisions made under the breast or through the armpit are less likely to interfere with breastfeeding. Implants placed over the muscle or incisions made around the areola are more likely to cause problems.

    Discuss your plans for breastfeeding with Dr. Panchal during your consultation. He will help you plan the procedure to align with your future goals.

    What Should I Consider When Choosing the Size of My Implants?

    Base your decision on your body type, lifestyle, and personal objectives. Consider the following factors:

    • Body Proportions: Dr. Panchal will help you select a size that complements your natural shape and frame.
    • Lifestyle: Think about your level of physical activity. Larger implants may affect activities such as running or high-intensity workouts.
    • Desired Outcome: Consider how you want your breasts to look and feel. Viewing before-and-after photos and trying on implant sizers can be helpful.
    • Surgeon’s Recommendations: Dr. Panchal can provide valuable insights. He will base his recommendations on your anatomy and aesthetic goals.

    How Should I Prepare?

    Preparation is vital to a smooth breast augmentation experience. Here are some steps to follow:

    • Medical Evaluation: Dr. Panchal will conduct a thorough medical examination. He will also review your medical history.
    • Stop Smoking: If you smoke, you’ll need to quit several weeks before and after surgery to promote healing.
    • Medications: Avoid certain medications and supplements that can increase bleeding. Examples include aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs.
    • Arrange for Help: Plan for someone to drive you home post-procedure. They should also assist you for the first 24-48 hours.
    • Prepare Your Home: Set up a comfortable recovery area with essential items in easy reach.

    What Kind of Follow-Up Care Is Required?

    Dr. Panchal’s post-operative care instructions may include:

    • Follow-Up Appointments: Attend all scheduled follow-up visits to monitor your healing progress.
    • Wound Care: Keep the incisions clean and dry. Follow specific instructions for dressing changes.
    • Support Garments: Wear a surgical bra or compression garment as recommended to support the breasts as they heal.
    • Activity Restrictions: Avoid heavy lifting, strenuous activities, and any movements that could strain the chest for the first few weeks.
    • Watch for Complications: Be aware of signs of infection, unusual pain, or changes in breast appearance. Report them to Dr. Panchal right away.

    How Soon Can I Exercise After Surgery?

    Exercise is an important part of the recovery process. Approach it gradually, though. Typically, you can follow this timeline:

    • First Week: Focus on light activities such as short walks to promote circulation. Stay away from high-impact workouts or exercises that involve the upper body.
    • Weeks 2-4: You may resume low-impact movements like walking on a treadmill. You should still steer clear of heavy lifting or intense cardio.
    • Weeks 4-6: Most patients can resume most exercises except for heavy lifting. Always get clearance from Dr. Panchal before resuming any vigorous movements.

    Why Choose Genesis Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa?

    When you choose Genesis Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa for breast augmentation, you entrust your care to Dr. Jayesh Panchal. Dr. Panchal is an experienced plastic surgeon with a decades-long career. His extensive training, certifications, and leadership roles underscore his expertise and commitment to excellence.

    In addition to working with Dr. Panchal, you will also receive care from his skilled and compassionate team. They offer a personalized approach that ensures you will receive the highest standard of treatment.

    Schedule Your Breast Augmentation Consultation In Edmond, OK!

    If you are considering Breast Augmentation surgery in or around Oklahoma City, call either our Norman office at 405-310-6767 or our Edmond office at 405-340-9949 to schedule a consultation. Contact us today!

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