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For many women, their breasts play an integral role in their sense of femininity. This is one of the reasons why breast surgery is so popular. By improving the appearance of your breasts, you can experience dramatic improvements in self-confidence and self-image. Often, our patients find these benefits of breast surgery to be life-changing.

At Genesis Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa, we offer a wide range of breast surgery procedures to help you achieve your desired appearance. Dr. Jayesh Panchal will customize your procedure to address your unique needs and goals.

With so many breast surgery options, it’s important to speak with an experienced plastic surgeon who can help guide you towards the right procedure. You can learn more about your options and receive individualized treatment recommendations during a consultation with Dr. Panchal. Please call 405-340-9949 today to start your journey towards living beautifully.

Common Reasons Why Women Choose Breast Surgery

There are many reasons why women choose to undergo breast surgery. Often, it is a great way to address changes to your breast appearance caused by aging, pregnancy and breast feeding, gravity or fluctuations in weight. For many women, breast surgery can help restore the appearance you enjoyed prior to these changes.

Breast surgery can address a wide range of aesthetic goals, including:

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  • Improve the size and/or shape of your breasts
  • Restore lost breast volume
  • Achieve more attractive cleavage
  • Correct breast asymmetry
  • Eliminate sagging issues
  • Reduce the size of overly large breasts
  • Restore a more youthful nipple position
  • Improve your appearance in clothing or swimsuits

Breast Surgery Options

Dr. Panchal offers the following breast surgery options to patients in the Edmond and Oklahoma City area:

Dr. Panchal’s goal is to create a breast appearance that makes you feel feminine, attractive and confident. He always strives to achieve results that look natural and enhance your overall figure.

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Is Breast Surgery Painful?

Breast surgery is performed with sedation. Therefore, there should not be any pain during your procedure.

Tenderness, soreness, and swelling are common following breast surgery. Following our directions and taking proper care of incisions can assist with these things. Over-the-counter medications are also helpful during recovery and can be used to address discomfort.

Significant or lasting pain is not common with breast surgery.

Will Breast Surgery Leave Noticeable Scarring?

Dr. Panchal places incisions in the most inconspicuous location possible. However, incisions on exposed portions of the breast mound will be visible, even after recovery.

To reduce your risk of thick scars:

  • Avoid nicotine
  • Do not consume blood thinners
  • Wear a compression garment
  • Keep incisions dry and clean
  • Avoid heavy lifting and strenuous exercise

With proper care, scars will fade over time.

Are There Treatments That Help Reduce Any Visible Scarring?

Laser treatments and chemical peels can be used for scar revision. Silicone sheets and scar gels can also help to minimize the appearance of scars. However, the best way to reduce the appearance of scars is to follow our instructions designed to prevent them from becoming thick and ropey to begin with.

How Do I Know Which Breast Procedure Is Best for Me?

The best way to learn if a breast procedure is right for you is through a one-on-one consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon. During this visit, you can discuss your areas of concern and learn about your options.

Dr. Jayesh Panchal is an award-winning and board-certified plastic surgeon with decades of experience. During your initial consultation, he will listen closely to your concerns and provide detailed information about your options to help you determine which procedure will help you reach your goals.

Can I Do More Than One Breast Procedure at the Same Time?

Combining breast procedures is common. Frequently combined are:

  • Breast lift with augmentation
  • Breast reduction with lift

If a combination of procedures will be required to achieve your goals, Dr. Panchal will provide information on each to help you plan accordingly. Different breast procedures can be performed at the same time, which helps save time and money, and significantly reduces recovery time.

Why Choose Genesis Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa

Dr. Panchal has more than two decades of experience performing breast surgery. His extensive training in the field of plastic surgery ensures he has the background necessary to deliver the beautiful, natural looking results you deserve.

Forging strong, long-lasting patient relationships is a core component of Dr. Panchal’s practice philosophy. Many of his patients continue to visit our office when they are interested in other procedures at a later date. Dr. Panchal believes that these relationships help him truly understand the goals and desires of his patients, which is crucial to achieving the best possible outcome.

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