Derma PRP – A Totally New Filler That Is Derived From Your Own Body

Derma PRP is a transformational gel (filler) to enhance your face naturally! The filler is derived from your own blood and creating a gel with PRP and growth factors that yields 6-12 cc of gel that can be used to enhance your cheeks, laugh lines, under eyes, chin, jaw line, temples and even back of your hands. The product is unique because as the body naturally absorbs it will lay a scaffolding of collage behind so you will need less and less gel each time. What is most important it promotes a neo angiogenesis or new blood vessel growth creating a much better natural look than a hyaluronic acid based typical filler. And yes, because it is your own blood that yields this gel, there are no allergic reactions, no infections and no granulomas.

Cellenis® Derma PRP provides immediate volumizing harnessing the patient’s own DNA. The treatment is performed in office with a small blood sample taken from the patient. It is  safe, effective, versatile, non-allergenic procedure, and offers virtually no downtime or side effects. It is a quick and simple treatment that can be performed alone or in combination with many aesthetic services.

Blood is drawn and processed  similar to Cellenis® PRP.  The Cellenis® Derma PRP is further processed to  break the linkages or hydrogen bonds within its protein molecules.  Proteins are then restructured in a more densely organized, mesh-like scaffolding with extended reabsorption properties.

Cellenis® Derma PRP can be used within 4 hours of processing.  It is a completely autologous material with minimal to no risk of product of allergic reaction.

  • Platelet Poor Plasma (PPP) is extracted from the prepared Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)
  • The PPP which contains 60% albumin is processed in ordered to denature the linkages or hydrogen bonds within the protein molecules (1)
  • The proteins are refined into a more densely organized mesh-like structure with extended resorption properties for up to 4–6 months (2)
  • The restructured properties allow for a slow, extended-release of platelet derived growth factors.  This induces neocollagenesis and enhances skin radiance & revitalization
How is Derma PRP performed?
We perform Derma PRP by drawing blood from the patient. That blood is then spun down to the PRP and PPP growth factors we can utilize. It is then heated and cooled to form a gel-like substance. We are typically able to get 6-12mLs of gel, allowing us to treat large-volume areas or multiple areas of concern at the same time. We then inject the gel just like a filler (but we have plenty of it to inject!).
What are the benefits?
Derma PRP is beneficial by providing immediate volumization and stimulating collagen. This means we can treat areas of volume loss or fine lines and wrinkles with immediate results with the strategic placement of Derma PRP. Because there are growth factors from your body in the gel, it stimulates collagen where it is placed. These growth factors mean you will still have more collagen and not return back to baseline even after your body has reabsorbed the gel (unlike your typical fillers).
How long will it last?
The initial volume lasts approximately 6 months with one treatment and up to a year with two treatments. The scaffolding of collagen will still remain after this time so you will need less gel with time.
Where can it be injected?
Because Derma PRP is autologous (derived from the patient themselves), it can be injected anywhere on your face and hands. This allows us to treat places we could not previously place filler, like under the eyes. We are still able to treat traditional areas like nasolabial folds, marionette lines, cheeks, temples, lip lines, and lips.

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