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diagram showing injection sites for facial dermal fillersDefy Gravity – A More Youthful Profile Is What Everyone Desires

It is unfortunate but true. We age, and as we do, there are many areas on our face that seem to develop saggy areas. This is partly due to loss of volume and gravity leading to sagging of the cheeks or the apples of our face. Next, our temples become hollow and jaw line softens and our chin recedes.

Both men and women want to look as young as they feel. Needless to say we have busy careers, and we wish to remain competitive in the job market. We cannot afford a long downtime and want to look fresh but not over corrected.

In the past decade, the use of BOTOX and fillers has dramatically changed our outlook. In the past, we had fillers that lasted a few months; who could blame someone for not coming every three months to have a filler injected in the face? Over the last few years there has been a dramatic change in the longevity of the fillers.

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Laugh Lines (Nasolabial Folds)

It is not atypical to see most women in their 40’s and above get these lines. The dreaded parenthesis around the mouth.

We use two fillers: Juvederm that lasts a year or a brand new filler introduced in 2017 called Vollure that lasts 18 months to fill this area and make the laugh lines less visible.


Sagging cheeks and loss of volume is a very common problem that women seek help with. There are three fillers that we typically use to fill this area just enough that your will see youthful cheeks on your face and third dimension to your face. Let’s face it, a youthful face has nice triangular shape with a fuller cheeks and narrow jawline.

We typically use a filler called Voluma that lasts two years, or Bellafill (Artefill) that lasts three to five years or Radiesse that lasts a year.

Under Eye Area

A very common problem – a deep line just at the junction of the lower eyelid and the cheek. It is also called the tear trough.

Typically we use Volbella which is a smooth thin filler that allows us to fade away this line.


Women love nice curved and shapely lips. Not overdone but perfect. And don’t we hate those vertical lines.

Well, there is a perfect solution with Volbella. This filler is specifically designed to help create shapely lips and efface the vertical lines. It lasts a year. We at Genesis are extremely careful not to create overblown lips that look unnatural.


You may have noticed that when you look in the mirror or look at your selfies, your temples may have become hollow. We tend to lose fat in this area and the eyebrow tail tends to sag down. We can fill your temple and raise your eyebrow to create a nice contour in this area by using Bellafill or Voluma.

Perioral Area

Have you noticed those hollow areas under your lips and seen your nice happy smile turn into a sad smile with the corner of the lips curling downwards? We can help you fix this with Juvederm or Vollure, both fillers that fill our these hollow areas and elevate the angle of your mouth.

Jawline and the Chin

Multiple clinical studies have shown that as we age, we lose bony and soft tissue volume over the angle of the jaw and the chin tends to recede. We can increase the lost volume and increase the projection of your lip by injecting a filler called Bellafill or Voluma.


Not all of us are blessed with a perfect nose. (me neither). Typically we could have a bump over the bridge of the nose or we could have a recessed bridge lacking height. Lo and behold, 10 minutes of injection time and it will be fixed. A filler like Juvederm is typically used to enhance this area. 

Here is a list of the fillers used at Genesis that will enhance your facial features without any downtime:

  • Vollure: FDA approved hyaluronic acid filler introduced in 2017. It is firm filler that lasts 18 months and can be used to enhance the laugh lines and the peri oral areas. It is a uniquely balanced gel that has long lasting results with a high patient satisfaction. This product can be reversed and will disappear in 24 hours just in case you did not like the result. 
  • Juvederm: FDA approved hyaluronic acid, a natural substance in your body. Lasts a year and Dr. Panchal favors this product to enhance the lips. It can also be used in the area below the eyes and laugh lines (nasolabial lines). The product can be reversed or will disappear in a 24 hours with use of hyaluronidase.
  • Radiesse: FDA-approved calcium hydroxyapatite, a natural substance in your body. Lasts just over a year and Dr. Panchal favors this product to enhance the area around your mouth, laugh lines, cheeks, chin and jaw line.
  • Sculptra: FDA approved products that last 2-3 years. Dr. Panchal favors this product to enhance your cheeks, jaw-line and temples. It cannot be used for laugh lines or below the eyes. The product gradually enhances your cheeks or temples over six to nine months and produces a natural looking lift.
  • Voluma: A FDA approved product made of hyaluronic acid with Vycross technology making it last approximately two years. Dr. Panchal favors this product to enhance the cheeks. The results are instantaneous. The product can be reversed with use of hyaluronidase if you so desire.
  • Bellafill: An FDA-approved product made of bovine collagen and PMMA particles. Clinical studies have shown that the product lasts as long as 3-5 years and the only product that improves with time. The bovine collagen disappears with time but the particles persist and your own body will create new collagen around these particles and hence the product creates a better and a natural outcome with every passing year. Unlike other products mentioned above, this product does not disappear and continues to work for you. You will look five years younger for five years or longer. It does need a skin test to check whether you are allergic to the product or not.


A solution for vertical lip lines. Finally!!!

Some women may want to add subtle volume to their lips and many may just want to soften the vertical lines around them. Fortunately, now there is a brand new filler called Volbella which is the first and only FDA-approved filler proven to increase lip fullness and soften the vertical lines on the lips. The filler lasts approximately a year.

96% of the patients treated experienced improvement in satisfaction and 88% experienced improvement in the vertical lines.

 You are right candidate for Volbella if:

  • You would like to add  subtle volume to your lips
  • You would like to soften the appearance of the vertical lip lines
  • You want a natural-looking, long lasting result

Everyone Will Notice, But No One Will Know

We at Genesis Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa are very cognizant of the discomfort while having an injection. We use micro cannula which has a blunt tip thereby reducing pain and bruising. We also use a vibrating device that distracts your brain and further reduces your discomfort while injecting.

Whenever possible, we will use a local anesthetic to numb the area too. Patients who have had fillers in their face know that every small thing makes the injection technique a very comfortable experience.