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As we age, overexposure to the Oklahoma sun can cause our skin and the fat over our face to sag. This affects more over the midface (cheek area) and results in nasolabial folds (laugh lines from the side of the nose to the lips). Some develop jowls and in others, the neck tends to sag.

The fat in the midface tends to drop down, resulting in a deflated face. Rhytidectomy, or a facelift, cannot reverse the effects of aging, but it can certainly turn the clock back so that you look a decade younger. However, all facelifts are not equal. In the past, facelifts have been associated with the stigma of a tight and stretched face. It was as if men and women with facelifts could be recognized a mile away at a party.

The good news is that things have changed. Facelifts are now done very differently: the downtime is reduced to a week and surgeons do less but achieve more. An extended deep facelift and neck lift done by Dr. Panchal has minimal to near-invisible incisions after surgery. The predominant correction of sagging is vertically up so that your face looks full, not stretched. The goal of the Extended deep facelift is to restore the tissue that has sagged down due to aging back to its original location making you look younger refreshed and not stretched. After this surgery, you will look like your younger self and not someone different. So don't worry!

Naturale Deep Facelift

A Naturale facelift at Genesis Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa seeks to create a natural full face which looks youthful and rested. To learn more, please call 405-340-9949 or 405-310-6767 to schedule a consultation today. With offices in Edmond and Norman, Dr. Panchal is able to serve patients throughout the Oklahoma City area.


Good Facelift Candidates

You are a good candidate for a Naturale deep facelift if you have:

  • Excessive skin in the lower half of your face below your eyes
  • Excessive skin under your chin
  • Excessive fat in your neck or double chin
  • Deflated and sagging midface or cheek area

Additionally, good candidates for this procedure should be in generally good health and willing to follow pre and postoperative directions that may include temporarily stopping certain medications, herbs, and supplements as well as quitting smoking. Smoking slows recovery and increases the risks of thick and visible scars.


Patient Testimonial

"I have been a patient of Dr. Panchal for almost 15 years. He and his staff are the best at everything they do. They have communicated clearly with me my choices for aging gracefully and with dignity and answered my questions thoroughly regarding any procedures we discussed that might be appropriate. Their compassionate care and professional expertise have always been the ultimate . I highly recommend that anyone considering the services they offer choose Genesis Clinic for the best care and expertise." Back to Top

The Naturale Facelift Procedure Near Oklahoma City, OK

The Naturale deep extended facelift procedure takes approximately three hours to complete. This time will increase if additional procedures, such as blepharoplasty or a brow lift, are being performed at the same time.

Dr. Panchal will place one facelift incision along the cartilage of your ear, following the natural shadow line. The remaining incision will be placed behind your ear so that it is barely visible. Once the incisions have been made, Dr. Panchal will lift underlying skin and fat before tightening fascia in a vertical direction (Deep extended lift) to correct your jowls and lift your cheeks. This allows the Deep facelift to last much longer than a typical S Lift or a Lifestyle Lift.

If a neck lift is being performed in addition, a small incision will be placed in an area underneath your chin, enabling a youthful contour of the neck through a unique technique called corset plastysmoplasty. This technique allows plication (gathering) of the sling of muscles of the neck so that any vertical bands (#11 lines in your neck) you have will disappear. Dr. Panchal also performs liposuction of the neck to remove all the excess fat and correct your double chin.

The near vertical direction of the pull, or correction, results in a very natural appearing face following the surgery, replacing soft tissues to their correct location before they sagged down. Jowls and marionette line will disappear and the cheeks will be lifted up. The excess loose skin is then trimmed and removed.

All the sutures are placed under the skin and will not need to be removed.

Recovery from Facelift Surgery

There will be some swelling on your face after the surgery which can be reduced by an application of ice and sleeping in the upright position. Please bear in mind that swelling may take seven to ten days to subside completely. Your body’s natural healing abilities and how closely you follow Dr. Panchal’s directions will have an impact on this.

We recommend you take several brisk walks during recovery to help increase circulation and reduce swelling. However, you will need to wait four to six weeks before engaging in more aerobic exercises. You can apply makeup on your face in a week to 10 days to camouflage your bruises if you have any.

The deep extended Naturale facelift procedure is not very painful and you will receive pain medications to reduce your discomfort. A drainage tube will be placed during your procedure. This tube allows surgical fluids to drain from the area and will help reduce discomfort and swelling. The drainage tube will be removed within one to two days of your procedure.

If you have persistent pain, it is important that you call our office right away to schedule a visit with Dr. Panchal. Facelift complications such as hematoma may be at the root and, if so, will need to be addressed.

During your facelift recovery, there may some asymmetry of the face as there may be more swelling on one side than the other. The skin over the face may be numb for a few weeks as well. In some cases, numbness can last for up to one month.

As the swelling on your face subsides, you will start seeing the results of your facelift surgery. You will see the profile of your face becoming more defined and your face and neck will appear more youthful. You will look in the mirror and thank yourself for doing this to yourself.

Our board-certified Oklahoma City plastic surgeon performs multiple facelift procedures each year. During your time in our care, he will provide you with the tools you need to dramatically reduce the downtime and recovery typically associated with the procedure.

See before-and-after pictures of Naturale facelift surgery.

Where Your Surgery Will Be Performed

Your Deep extended Naturale lower facelift/neck lift will be performed in our Oklahoma City office under local anesthesia and oral sedation taken 1.5 hours prior to your surgery. Dr. Panchal will ask you to take five medications 1.5 hours prior to your surgery: a pain med, anti nausea med, antibiotic 1 mg of Xanax and a medicine Metoprolol to keep your heart and blood pressure steady

Once you are in the office, Dr. Panchal will take your blood pressure and inject a local anesthetic. While this may result in three to five minutes of mild discomfort, it allows the entire procedure to be painless. Most patients listen to music or sleep through it, and when the procedure is finished, you can go home completely awake and have no grogginess that evening to deal with.

Having the surgery under local anesthesia and oral sedation has several advantages: No risk of complications of anesthesia, no risk of blood clots in  your legs, reduced swelling of your face, reduced downtime and reduce d risk of collection of blood or hematoma in your face.

Dr.Panchal performs over 40-60 of these every year under local anesthesia and oral sedation with great natural results. He is one of the very few plastic surgeons to perform a deep extended facelift under local anesthesia and oral sedation in the state of OK.

Oklahoma City Facelift Financing

The local anesthetic makes the recovery from a facelift very quick and what is more important, there is minimal swelling and bruising as the blood pressure remains stable throughout your procedure. Of course, your cost is reduced as there is no charge for the local anesthetic and what is more important – no complications from general anesthesia.

If you so desire, the surgery can be performed at an Oklahoma City surgery center under IV sedation (an additional cost may be involved from the anesthesiologist).

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Facelift Risks

When a Naturale lower facelift is performed by Dr. Panchal, complications are infrequent and usually minor. General surgical risks such as infection, excessive bleeding and poor incision healing can be reduced by following Dr. Panchal’s directions.

As mentioned before, smoking impairs healing and increases risks for infection and obvious scars. It is therefore very important to stop smoking prior to surgery to reduce complications. Rarely you may have some asymmetry of face temporarily due to the swelling. This will subside.

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Facelift Financing Options

At Genesis Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa, we offer a range of financing options, including:

Prosper and CareCredit are health care financing options that operate independently of our office. These companies offer competitive rates and special terms including plans with 0% APR. More information about facelift financing through a healthcare lender can be found by visiting the sites linked above. We can discuss these options further during your initial consultation as well.

About Dr. Panchal

Dr. Panchal is a double board-certified, both as a plastic surgeon and as a physician executive, acting as a testament to his experience and dedication. The recipient of several awards, including peer recognition as a Super Doctor, Dr. Panchal has served as Chief of Plastic Surgery at the University of Oklahoma and has received national acclaim for pioneering new techniques during his more than two decades in practice.

Caring, compassionate, and qualified, Dr. Panchal takes time to understand the needs of each patient he sees, being careful to listen to all concerns, aesthetic and otherwise, and to provide honest answers to facelift questions. If you have been considering facelift surgery, he welcomes an opportunity to meet with you and discuss your needs, and to help you decide if the procedure is a good fit for your goals.

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If you are ready to schedule a facelift consultation with Dr. Panchal, please call one of our Oklahoma City area offices today: Edmond at 405-340-9949 or Norman at 405-310-6767. There is a $75 consultation fee that will be applied to your procedure should you choose to move forward.

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