4 Tips for Recovering from Breast Augmentation

Cropped,Close up,Portrait,Of,Nice,Attractive,Adorable,Girl,Chest,After breast augmentation can help you achieve your aesthetic goals, but as a major surgery, you will have a recovery period of at least six to eight weeks. Here are some tips to assist you as you begin the recovery phase.

#1: Understand What’s Normal

After your procedure, your breasts may be swollen for anywhere from three to five weeks. You may also feel a burning feeling around or in the nipples in the weeks after surgery. It’s important to know these are normal side effects that will continue to subside throughout your recovery.

However, if you experience green or yellow pus drainage, swelling that lasts longer than five weeks, and increasing pain levels, contact your doctor immediately.

#2: Alter Your Sleeping Position

If you’re a stomach sleeper, you’ll have to reposition for the first several weeks of your recovery, and possibly longer. We recommend sleeping on your back with a slight incline to prevent unnecessary pressure on your chest. Avoid side sleeping, which can cause pain and discomfort and lead to implant movement.

#3: Use a Surgical Bra

The surgical bra you receive after your procedure utilizes compression to aid in your recovery. Wear the bra when sleeping and during the day until your surgeon tells you it’s no longer required.

A surgical bra isn’t like your everyday push-up bra. It provides the right amount of compression without uncomfortable underwires. Speaking of underwire, don’t wear a bra with a wire until cleared by your surgeon.

#4: Avoid Baths, Swimming Pools, and Hot Tubs

During your recovery, you should avoid getting the area wet for at least two weeks after your procedure. After the initial two weeks post-op, you can get your chest wet but you should still avoid submerging your chest until cleared by your doctor. That means avoiding the bathtub, swimming pool, hot tub, and ocean; stick to showers if you can.

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