Breast Lifts: Techniques for Minimal to Severe Sagging

Woman in blue top bra with very large breasts on pink background Keeping your body happy and healthy through a nutritious diet, routine exercise, and smart lifestyle choices is an excellent way to both look and feel your best. However, as time goes on, sagging becomes a natural part and is increasingly unavoidable as you age. Though this can occur in a variety of locations, such as the cheeks, neck, and arms, many women find that sagging most noticeably affects their breasts. Thankfully, because of today’s modern medical and cosmetic practices, breast lifts are readily available to help bring your breasts back to their more youthful fullness and resting position.

Something you may not already know about breast lifts is that there are a variety of techniques that can be used depending on the extent of the sagging that is going to be adjusted.

Techniques to Address Severe Sagging

For cases of severe sagging of the breast, the most commonly used breast lift technique uses what is called the anchor incision. The anchor technique creates an incision around the areola, then down to the bottom of the breast, and then in either direction along the underside crease. Don’t worry—this is the most invasive of the techniques since it is used for significant correction, and even then, the procedure is simple and easy to recover from.

Techniques to Address Moderate Sagging

Similar to the anchor breast lift incision, there is the lollipop lift, which takes the initial path of the anchor technique but stops at the underside of the breast—forgoing the additional incisions along the crease. As you’ll continue to see, less sagging fairly accurately equates to fewer incisions and, therefore, a less invasive process.

Techniques to Address Minimal Sagging

Finally, there are two standard breast lift techniques used to tackle minimal breast sagging. These are the crescent lift and the scarless lift. The crescent technique involves a small incision just above the areola, whereas the scarless method consists of minimizing incisions and scarring—opting instead for the use of implants and SmartLipo.

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