Voluma: the non-surgical alternative to cheek implants

There are a few things that belie your age – or make you look older than you are – in spite of a super-clean diet, hardcore exercise regimen, and flattering haircut. Most prominent of those things: your skin.

You can exfoliate, contour, apply night serums religiously, and still feel like you look more worn out than you really should.

But if you’re not ready for treatment via plastic surgery, what can you do? 

Address signs of aging with non-invasive procedures

If you want to correct sagging, loose skin, the most important areas to deal with are the cheeks, eyes, and neck.

For the neck, your most effective option will be a neck lift – which is an invasive (though minimally so) procedure.

If you’re not ready to commit to an invasive procedure, though, you can still address your cheek and eye areas.

For drooping or tired-looking eyes, we’d suggest a small amount of Botox.

For your cheeks, though, you’ll need a filler – and our newest offering, Voluma, is perfect for people who aren’t looking for an intense treatment – but still want to see results.

Like cheek implants – without surgery

We won’t advise against properly sized implants placed by an experienced surgeon you trust. But in some cases, implants are overkill.

If you’re worried about your cheeks sagging and want to give them a bit of volume, a filler like Voluma will rejuvenate your whole face without the downtime of invasive surgery.

Voluma is an injectable, smooth gel with active ingredient hyaluronic acid (HA). HA is a sugar that occurs naturally in your body and actually keeps your skin soft and moisturized. Compared to cheek implants, Voluma is a low-risk procedure with little downtime.

In its initial clinical study, 82% of the people who received Voluma had touch-up treatments one month after the initial injection. For most of these people, results lasted up to two years.

Six months after treatment, people who had received Voluma said they looked 5.5 years younger on average.

After the two-year mark, most people will probably need to repeat Voluma treatment. In the abovementioned study, more than 75% of the people who had received the treatment said they felt better overall about their facial appearance – two years after the treatment.

How significantly does Voluma differ from cheek implants, in terms of results? See the pictures below. 

Images c/o Juvederm

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