Virtual Plastic Surgery with the Crisalix Breast Augmentation Simulator

Virtual consultation can mean a lot of things, but most of those things are limited. A call to discuss your goals, emailing photos for a plastic surgeon to review, and relying on guess-work – even when informed – can be helpful, but only to a point.

For in-person consultations, Dr. Panchal provides various implant sizes that you can place inside of a bra to get an idea of what you’ll look like, when you are clothed, post-op. But what about the skin covering the breast mound, or the nipples, or the areola? What will those look like after breast augmentation? Even in-person, these outcomes are best predicted with the 3D Oculus Crisalix.

An Ideal Breast Implant Simulator

In the past, many women brought pictures of other women to their breast augmentation consultations. This would help illustrate their desired outcomes, or at least give an idea, but there is one major flaw with this approach: a specific breast size and shape that looks natural on one person can easily look unnatural on another. Natural-looking breast augmentation results rely on personalizing the procedure to conform with surrounding body parts.

The innovative Crisalix breast augmentation simulator allows you to see various outcomes from all angles, giving you the information you need to make the most informed decision.

How Does the Crisalix 3-D Imaging System Work?

Crisalix is an easy and painless way to try out differently sized and shaped breast implants before your procedure. Here’s how it works:

  1. Create a private, secure account on
  2. Upload three pictures of yourself, capturing the area from your hips to the top of your shoulders: left side, front, and right side. For the most accurate results, remove all clothing on your top half for these
  3. Crisalix will send your “before” pictures and four, 3-D simulated “after” pictures – with four different implant sizes – directly to Dr. Panchal
  4. Dr. Panchal will call you to discuss your Crisalix results and to gain a more comprehensive view of what you’re hoping to achieve. This will enable him to advise you on safe implant sizes and shapes for your frame
  5. As soon as COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, you will come to one of our OKC area offices where Dr. Panchal will select several implant shapes and sizes for you to try on underneath your bra to make your final decisions on the shape and size implants you desire

Crisalix takes the guesswork out of breast augmentation, allowing you to be completely confident in your decision.

A Screen Shot of the Crisalix Breast Augmentation Simulator

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