Types of Tummy Tuck

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There are two primary types of tummy tuck surgery:

  • Mini Abdominoplasty
  • Full Abdominoplasty

Which option is right for your needs depends on factors unique to your body such as the amount of excess skin present, how much fat has accumulated in the belly and waist, and whether or not abdominal muscles have separated.

Mini Abdominoplasty

With a mini tummy tuck, stubborn deposits of fat are removed from the belly area with liposuction. With this technique, excess skin is removed as well, helping to ensure a tighter and more toned appearance.

Mini abdominoplasty can create a more defined and attractive look in people who are fairly close to their ideal weight. Less invasive than a full tummy tuck, the mini version requires only a few weeks of recovery. Results from this procedure are permanent.

Full Abdominoplasty

A full tummy tuck will address diet-resistant fat and loose, sagging skin in the same manner as a mini tummy tuck. However, with the full variation, separated abdominal muscles are reattached as well. 

Reattaching separated abdominal muscles helps to draw in the waist. It can also help strengthen the core, prevent herniation, and reduce risks for chronic low back pain.

In cases where muscles have separated, surgical reattachment is among the most effective and long-lasting treatment options.

Assessing Your Candidacy

Both types of tummy tuck can produce remarkable results in ideal candidates. During your initial consultation, several factors will be assessed to determine if you are a good abdominoplasty candidate. These include:

  • Your medical history
  • Your current state of health
  • Your ability to take time off to recover
  • Your willingness to follow pre and postoperative directions

Your goals will also play a role in your tummy tuck candidacy. Being realistic in your expectations and willing to make an effort to improve your results are important for your overall satisfaction.

Abdominoplasty can help tone and trim the midsection. It can eliminate excess fat and unnecessary skin. It can strengthen and firm abdominal muscles. If you are interested in learning more about what tummy tuck surgery can do for you, please call Genesis Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa at 405-340-9949 (Edmond) or 405-310-6767 (Norman) to schedule your consultation with board-certified Oklahoma City plastic surgeon Dr. Jayesh Panchal.

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