ThermiVa for Menopausal Women

Hopefully by now you are familiar with the idea of feminine rejuvenation with ThermiVa. For several reasons, one of the most popular demographics for this procedure is menopausal women. When women reach menopause, several bodily changes occur, including: urinary urgency (incontinence), vaginal dryness, vaginal laxity, hot and cold flashes, difficulty sleeping, and emotional changes. ThermiVa can decrease incontinence, stimulate vaginal lubrication, and increase elasticity.

ThermiVa for Incontinence

ThermiVa treats mild to moderate incontinence by treating the pelvic floor. Radiofrequency heat stimulates this area, which regenerates nervous tissue in and around the vagina. This strengthens the structural support of your pelvic area and has significantly decreased bladder leakage in women. In some cases, ThermiVa has completely cured stress incontinence. Many women initially opt for ThermiVa because of incontinence, but walk away with so much more!

Vaginal Dryness

One of the worst menopausal symptoms is dry vagina. Many women resort to hormonal therapy, artificial lubricants or laser procedures to try and stimulate lubrication. However, ThermiVa is a non-hormonal, non-invasive, and safe procedure that has been proven to increase natural lubrication. This is especially important for women who have survived breast cancer, as many have to take estrogen antagonists like Tamoxifen. ThermiVa’s heat treatment stimulates your body’s natural collagen and circulation. After just 3 treatments, ThermiVa patients have experienced better natural lubrication, hormone-free.

Orgasmic Dysfunction

With increased lubrication and stimulation of collagen on the interior of the vagina, women have also experienced orgasmic improvement. Unlike other orgasm treatments such as the “O-Shot” that only affect the inner G-spot, ThermiVa treats the outer clitoris and stimulates nervous tissues. ThermiVa has also improved muscular contraction, which increases the strength of orgasms.

Loose Labial Skin

ThermiVa can also improve the outer appearance of the labia as well, which one of our patients calls “The Barbie Makeover.” Just as the radiofrequency heat improves the elasticity of the inside, after a ThermiVa treatment, the outside skin is visibly tighter.

Hear from one patient’s who experienced all 4 of these results with ThermiVa:

For more information about ThermiVa or to schedule a consultation, contact Tiffany Bankston P.A. at Genesis Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa.

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