Revive Your Skin This Spring: Top Treatments for Glowing Skin

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With spring upon us, it’s time once again to start thinking about revitalizing the skin – and Dr. Panchal at Genesis Plastic Surgery & Med Spa has all the nonsurgical treatments you need to look your very best. Call our Norman office at 405-353-6266 or our Edmond office at 405-445-1632 to schedule your evaluation and learn which options will best meet your needs.

Laser Services

Dr. Panchal offers several options for laser skin resurfacing. With the Clear + Brilliant laser, issues such as large pores, uneven texture, and wrinkles give way to a soft and radiant appearance over the course of four to six treatments. Safe and effective for all skin types, this laser skin rejuvenation treatment requires little to no downtime and can produce long-lasting results.

Dr. Panchal also offers the Fraxel Dual laser for the treatment of sun and age spots, uneven tone and texture, acne and surgical scars, and fine lines and deep wrinkles. The Fraxel re:store promotes collagen production in targeted treatment areas without damaging surrounding tissue. This makes it ideal for patients addressing issues in specific areas of the face. During your initial consultation, Dr. Panchal will assess your skin, discuss all of your options, and guide you towards the most effective solution.

Laser Hair Removal

While not strictly for “glowing” skin, laser hair removal is a wonderful way to begin planning for the warmer months. With this treatment, Dr. Panchal can remove unwanted body hair from nearly any area, including:
•    Face
•    Neckline
•    Back and chest
•    Arms
•    Bikini area (male and female)
•    Legs
If you are unhappy with the amount of hair on your body but tire at the thought of shaving, laser hair removal offers a permanent solution. Call one of our OKC area offices today to learn if this procedure is right for you.

Dermal Fillers

While the springtime can be a great time to renew your look, dermal fillers are suitable for use year round. Designed to smooth the skin through increased volume, dermal fillers can produce a softer, more youthful, and a healthier glow to the skin. Depending on your needs, some fillers can also be used to plump the lips or to improve the appearance of the hands. Dr. Panchal will discuss these options as appropriate during your initial consultation.

BOTOX® Cosmetic is another way to quickly improve your appearance. Able to eliminate fine lines and deep wrinkles across the brow, in between the eyebrows, next to the eyes, and around the lips, BOTOX® Cosmetic offers reliable and consistent results – though only for a few months at a time.

Vein Treatment

If spider veins are a source of discomfort for you, sclerotherapy may be a good fit. With this option, Dr. Panchal can eliminate unsightly veins to restore an unblemished appearance. Sclerotherapy can be used on varicose veins as well, though these may not respond as preferably as spider veins. Dr. Panchal will assess your problem areas during your initial consultation to help you determine if vein reduction treatment is a good fit for you.

At Genesis Plastic Surgery & Med Spa, we offer a wide range of nonsurgical skincare treatments that can have your skin springtime ready in no time at all. In Norman, call 405-353-6266 and in Edmond, call 405-445-1632 to schedule a consultation and learn more.

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