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Men’s Health Month

June is Men’s Health Month. This is a great time to schedule that overdue annual exam with your primary care provider. It’s the perfect time to consider dietary choices and to take steps to eat a more wholesome and nutritious assortment of foods. National Men’s Health Month is also a good time to start considering your fitness goals and to look to procedures that can help when diet and exercise fail to produce optimal results.

Body Contouring For Men

Eating a healthy diet and leading an active lifestyle can help to tone and trim the frame. Increasingly advanced forms of exercise can be used to further sculpt and define musculature and form. Unfortunately, these efforts may not be enough on their own to fully improve your appearance. This is where male body contouring options can come in handy.

Popular options for men include:

  • Abdominoplasty. With abdominoplasty, Dr. Panchal can eliminate stubborn fat deposits and excess skin from the midsection, and reattach separated abdominal muscles for a strengthened and more attractive core
  • Liposuction. We offer several liposuction options at our offices to remove stubborn fat deposits from legs, flanks, and more. Liposuction can be used on nearly any area of the body
  • Male Breast Reduction. Gynecomastia produces female-like breasts on male bodies. Male breast reduction eliminates fat and tissue to restore a masculine look to the chest

In addition to these options, we offer several lift procedures such as thigh lift, arm lift, and full body lift. These focus on loose and sagging skin that may be obscuring your underlying definition. During your initial consultation at our Norman or Edmond office, Dr. Panchal will assess all of your problem areas to help you choose the best procedures for your needs.

Contact Us to Learn More

This Men’s Health Month, consider your aesthetic goals and the many ways you can reach them. If you suspect a little assistance could help, give us a call at 405-340-9949 (Edmond) or 405-310-6767 (Norman) to schedule a confidential consultation with Dr. Panchal. Board-certified and experienced, Dr. Panchal helps men living throughout the OKC area look and feel their most confident.

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