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Four Possible Causes of Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia is a condition experienced by men in which excess fat or glandular tissue creates the appearance of breasts. Often frustratingly difficult to treat, gynecomastia does not always respond to dietary changes or enhanced exercise, making surgical intervention necessary in many cases.

Gynecomastia is common in adolescent boys. In these cases, the condition is typically a result of hormone fluctuations which, under nearly all circumstances, will self-correct. However, following a healthy diet and remaining active is essential even in these instances to help ensure the most pleasing outcomes once hormones have been regulated.

What Causes Male Breasts?

In adult males, hormones may play a role in the onset of gynecomastia. More often, however, adult gynecomastia is a result of things like:

  • Excessive Weight Gain and Obesity
  • Certain Medications, Including Some OTC Heartburn Solutions
  • Anabolic Steroid Use
  • Frequent Use of Marijuana, Alcohol, and/or Opiates

Gynecomastia may result from the aging process or be linked to genetics, but it is more common in men who lead a predominantly sedentary lifestyle. As such, treatment may include lifestyle changes, such as enhanced exercise and an improved diet. If you have difficulty maintaining a healthy diet or finding activities you enjoy, consider working with a professional, such as a nutritionist/trainer, who can assist you in reaching your goals.

Treating Gynecomastia

The most effective treatment for the immediate elimination of gynecomastia is male breast reduction. This procedure removes excess tissue and fat from the chest, instantly improving definition and restoring a masculine appearance. There may be some swelling and bruising in the first few days of recovery, but as these fade, your results will become more and more apparent.

Of course, if your gynecomastia results from lifestyle choices, including medication or steroid use, you will need to make changes to keep your newly defined chest. These can be as simple as better food choices and taking a few daily walks or as complex as a new diet and exercise regimen. Choosing more progressive activities can enhance your results, improve definition, and ensure longevity, but even moderate physical exercise can help to keep fat from accumulating in the chest.

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