The Importance of Sleep After Any Plastic Surgery Procedures

plastic surgery procedures You’ve likely been told throughout your life that getting seven to eight hours of sleep a night is crucial to a healthy lifestyle. That’s because your body needs an adequate amount of sleep to function properly throughout the day. Not only that, but sleep plays a fundamental role in your body’s ability to recover from sickness and injury. And as you can imagine, this extends to the time needed to recover after plastic surgery procedures.

Getting enough quality sleep every night is essential to a comfortable and quick post-plastic-surgery procedure recovery, and here’s why:

It can help to reduce pain.

First and foremost, though it may seem like a myth, sleep actually helps to reduce pain. That’s because, during the natural process of sleeping, your body releases endorphins that simultaneously promote the healing of your body and relieve some of the pain you may feel. The opposite is also true, unfortunately—if you don’t get enough sleep during your recovery, you may become even more sensitive to discomfort and pain.

It can improve your mood.

Not all aspects of your recovery process are purely physical—sometimes, your mood or state of mind can also have an impact on your body’s ability to function. Thankfully, quality sleep can help there too! Being underslept can cause you to endure mood swings and an all-around negative attitude, which can cause you to neglect Dr. Panchal’s recovery tips. As you might imagine, this can slow down your recovery immensely.

It can help your immune system.

Finally, as briefly touched upon in the first section, getting an adequate amount of sleep each night can improve your body’s ability to heal itself, mainly by helping your immune system do what it does best. When your immune system has the support it needs thanks to a good night’s rest, it will have an easier time combatting any swelling, inflammation, and infection that you may be subjected to after plastic surgery procedures.

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