Mythbuster Monday: Tummy Tuck is Extremely Painful – T or F

The result of a tummy tuck is a flatter and tighter abdomen, so it is a popular procedure for anyone wishing for a slimmer figure. However, rumor has it that it has a particularly painful recovery, which causes many people to hesitate investing in the procedure.

Tummy Tuck Recovery can be almost completely pain free

As with any surgery, post-operative pain is at its peak in the first three days. At Genesis, we use a revolutionary new medication called Exparel to reduce or eliminate that period of intense pain.

By the time Exparel® wears off, your body has already begun to heal, so the pain is more tolerable. By elongating the pain-free timeframe after surgery, Exparel® also gives your body more time to recover.

What is Exparel®?

Exparel® is a local analgesia/numbing treatment administered during the tummy tuck procedure. It is a single-dose medication and will last for up to 4 days after surgery. Exparel® is not a narcotic, so it won’t impair you after the procedure.

In some cases, Exparel® reduces the need for heavy pain medications, which also eliminates their nasty side. Fewer oral narcotics mean less nausea and less disorientation. Visit the Exparel® website for more detailed information.

Patient Testimonial:

One of my patients recently had a tummy tuck, and was very pleased with the results of Exparel®. She has been almost completely pain free for an entire week after her surgery. You can listen to her testimonial at the bottom of this post as well.

Here is her story:

After the abdominal plastic surgery, I did not experience any significant pain in my abdomen area. I did experience some soreness and stiffness and minor discomfort, but no pain. I was also able to walk upright without bending over. The Spanx garment did help a lot with support. The Exparel® pain management lasted, for me, 7 days. When the Exparel® began to wear off I could feel twinges in the incision area and sometimes a burning sensation in my abdominal muscles, but again, no significant pain. I was able to manage the discomfort with ibuprofen for the most part. I did take a few of the prescribed pain medications, but only sparingly. After day 8, I really began to feel more like myself and see significant results from the surgery. I continue to love to look at my new shape in the mirror and I feel really good about the results and how it came out. I’m feeling great and this is the third week [after surgery].

Fear No More

We know people are hesitant to invest in a tummy tuck. Rest assured, we can manage your post-op pain. You can have a slimmer, flatter tummy without worry. Call Dr. Panchal today to schedule your first consultation. 

*These are testimonials by patients of Genesis Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa. The opinions reflect our patients’ personal experience with their treatment. However, surgical results and treatment outcomes may vary from person to person. Discuss typical outcomes of your procedure with your surgeon and set realistic expectations based on your body type, lifestyle and medical history. Optimum results are achieved when supported with good nutrition and exercise.

Listen to Patient Testimonial: Tummy Tuck with Exparel

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