How to Repair Sun Damaged Skin

After months of being out in the beaming Oklahoma sun, you likely experienced sun damage to your skin. From sun spots to pigmentation to new wrinkles – the sun can wreak havoc on your youthful features. There are three non-invasive treatments that can help reduce these sun-induced fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation issues: Fraxel, Clear & Brilliant and Fotofacial.


Fraxel laser skin treatment uses 2 laser beams to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, freckles and dark pigmentation. These laser beams penetrate top skin layers to stimulate collagen and resurface the skin. Your collagen will then begin to fill your wrinkles and lines naturally. For the best results, we recommend 2-4 treatments scheduled 6 weeks apart. To improve the reduction of pigmentation or freckles, we also prescribe bleaching cream 4-6 weeks before the treatment. You may be swollen for 3-5 days, but you shouldn’t experience burning or redness.

Clear & Brilliant

Owned by the same company as Fraxel, Clear and Brilliant is a single laser beam treatment that refreshes skin tone and texture. Clear and Brilliant results are less dramatic than Fraxel, so this treatment works best for people who don’t need much skin correction. The best way to think of it is an additional regimen to  the skin care you do at home. Most patients experience illuminated skin tone, soft texture, and reduction in appearance of pores. The full Clear and Brilliant system is 6 treatments, 2-3 weeks apart. You may experience some redness for a few hours after the treatment.

Though these treatments are similar, your medical spa professional can give you a recommendation for your skin’s needs. To start reversing your sun damaged skin, contact Rebecca at Genesis today!

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