Choosing the Right Breast Implant Profile

When planning your breast augmentation procedure, you’ll have to make decisions on a variety of different options such as your desired implant size, filler material, incision location and implant placement location. Each of these decisions is important and will have an impact on the final results you achieve.

One of the important decisions you’ll need to make involves the breast implant profile. The breast implant profile impacts how far the implant will project off of your chest wall when you are standing up. By changing the width of your breast implant, you will achieve varying levels of projection. The smaller the base width of your implant, the greater the projection you will achieve.

Breast Implant Profile Options

breast implant profile options for breast augmentation in Oklahoma CityThere are several different implant profile options to choose from:

  • Low profile
  • Moderate profile
  • Moderate plus profile
  • High profile
  • Ultra-high profile

Low profile implants have a relatively flat appearance and result in minimal projection off of your chest. This option tends to look best on women who have wider chests.

Moderate profile implants provide a greater amount of projection than low profile implants, but not as much projection as high profile implants. In general, this option tends to achieve the most natural looking results. Women with smaller or narrower chests are ideal candidates for moderate profile breast implants.

High profile implants result in the greatest amount of projection and produce the fullest, most rounded breast appearance. Depending on your body type, high profile implants may look less natural than the other profile options. They tend to look best on petite women with a narrow chest wall.

Determining the Right Breast Implant Profile for Your Unique Needs

The right breast implant profile for you will depend on your unique needs and aesthetic goals. There are two important factors to consider when choosing your desired breast implant profile:

  • Body type — The same breast implant will not deliver identical results for all women. Instead, the implant will have an entirely different appearance based on the differences in the body type of each woman who receives it. It’s important to make sure you choose a breast implant profile that will balance the appearance of your figure.
  • Desired outcome — Your aesthetic goals will impact the implant profile used with your breast augmentation procedure. Do you prefer subtle, natural looking results or a fuller, rounder breast appearance? During your consultation, Dr. Panchal will discuss your desired outcome in detail in order to get a sense of what you’re looking to achieve.

Fortunately, you don’t have to make these important decisions on your own. Dr. Panchal will guide you through the process every step of the way. During your initial consultation, he will take detailed measurements of your chest dimensions and listen carefully to your aesthetic goals in order to make individualized breast augmentation recommendations. By working together as a team, you and Dr. Panchal will be able to design a customized procedure that will achieve the best possible results.

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