DefenAge: A New Paradigm in Skin Care

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DefenAge® is a skin care regimen designed to generate new skin that is visibly healthier, younger-looking, and more attractive. While most skin care products contain ingredients that simply try to rejuvenate old cells, DefenAge uses defensins, target-specific peptides that travel directly to dormant stem cells in the skin to create a visibly more youthful appearance.

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The DefenAge System

The DefenAge regimen is simple and can be added to any existing skin care routine. Scientifically proven in clinical studies, DefenAge can produce results including:

  • A reduction in visible pores
  • A reduction in visible fine lines and coarse wrinkles
  • A reduction in visible oiliness
  • A reduction in visible pigmentation
  • An improvement in visible skin evenness
  • An improvement in skin hydration
  • An improvement in a number of other crucial skin qualities

The DefenAge line is revolutionary in both efficacy and ease of use – and it can produce amazing, noticeable results in just three to six weeks. 

Age-Repair Defensins® 

DefenAge skin care products contain exclusive Age-Repair Defensins® that target LGR6+ stem cells, causing them to “wake up” and create new cells. Stem cells are constantly copying themselves. As basal stem cells become damaged over time, however, the copies replicate the damage. Unless the damage is repaired, it will compound and progress accordingly.

LGR6+ stem cells lie in the hair follicle. They only become active if there is trauma to the skin. Age-Repair Defensins® stimulate dormant stem cells, allowing the hair follicle to create brand new skin cells and give your skin a more youthful look. 

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How to Use DefenAge

DefenAge Clinical Power Trio Box The DefenAge Clinical Power Trio consists of a masque, barrier cream, and BioSerum. Twice daily, after completing your regular skin care routine:

  • Use the 2-Minute Reveal Masque
  • Apply the 24/7 Barrier Balance Cream
  • Apply the 8-in-1 BioSerum

Simple, fast, and effective, the DefenAge system is safe for all skin types and clinically proven to deliver results within six short weeks. During your consultation at our med spa, we will carefully assess your skin, discuss all of the products that may prove useful for your needs, and help you choose the skin care routine that will deliver the most exceptional results.

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