Thigh Lift Surgery

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Thigh lift surgery removes excess skin and fat from the upper leg, helping to produce an ideally contoured, smooth, and firm appearance. In so doing, thigh lift surgery can greatly impact the appearance of your entire lower body, improving clothing options, comfort, and self-confidence in the process.

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Types of Thigh Lift

There are two primary types of thigh lift:

  • Inner Thigh Lift. This option focuses on the inner part of the upper leg
  • Outer Thigh Lift. This option focuses on the outer thighs, buttocks, and hips

There are several incision options that can be used for thigh lift surgery. Dr. Panchal offers the full range of options, including the mini thigh lift option which may be suitable for people who do not have significant amounts of laxity or fat present. During your initial consultation, we will carefully assess your problem areas to help you determine which option will best meet your needs.

A complete thigh lift, also known as a spiral lift or a 360° lift, is a possibility for patients who have excess skin and fat throughout the thighs and hips. With this technique, the entire thigh can be sculpted, eliminating lumpy fat, sagging skin, and similar issues from the inner, outer, and back of the thigh. A complete thigh lift will also tone the buttocks and define the hips.

Infographic: Types of Thigh Lift

Good Candidates for Thigh Lift Surgery

The best candidates for thigh lift surgery are men and women who have sagging skin and excess fat deposits along the inner and/or outer thigh. 

Good thigh lift candidates must:

  • Be nonsmokers and in generally good health
  • Have maintained a stable weight for at least six months
  • Have the resources and support to take time off from all duties
  • Be willing to carefully follow pre and postoperative instructions

It is also important that you have realistic goals. Results are dependent on factors including the amount of excess skin and fat being removed, your body’s natural healing abilities, and your willingness to follow care instructions. All of this will be discussed in greater detail during your time in our care. 

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When the thighs alone are impacted, one procedure may be sufficient to reach your goals. If surrounding body parts are similarly impacted, a more comprehensive body lift procedure may be necessary.

Depending on your needs, a body lift may include:

Dr. Panchal offers both female and male breast reduction services.

Thigh Lift Recovery

Your recovery from thigh lift surgery will be unique. However, most people need to take 7 to 14 days off from work and all other demanding activities following the procedure. Swelling, bruising, and discomfort are all possible during this time. Compression garments, over-the-counter medications, and prescribed calf and mobility exercises can help. Dr. Panchal will provide you with specific instructions based on your needs during your follow-up visits to help ensure your continued comfort.

By week six, many people are able to resume all normal activities, though Dr. Panchal may continue to recommend limiting certain activities for a bit longer. This is different for each patient.

It can take up to six months for the swelling from a thigh lift to subside completely and scars may be thick and visible in the months following recovery. Proper incision care will help guard against infection and assist in producing smaller scars. When cared for properly, scars will continue to fade over the course of a few years.

Taking Care of Yourself

From incision healing through maintaining your results, the care you take of yourself will play the largest role in your lasting satisfaction. Choosing healthy foods and avoiding all forms of tobacco will help reduce the visibility of your scar. Committing to daily exercise will help ensure the longest lasting thigh lift results.

If you struggle with either of these things, consider working with a nutritionist and personal trainer to develop a plan that will work for you.

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