Valentine Specials

Kysse your wrinkles away

Pout your lips and makes your wrinkles disappear

  • Buy one filler for your lips and receive 20 units of Dysport free
  • Buy two fillers and receive 40 units of Dysport free
  • Buy three fillers and receive 60 units of Dysport free

Stay Dry when you or you cough or exercise

ThermiVa helps you control your stress incontinence, and it helps bring back vaginal moisture and heighten intimacy. We have received 99% satisfaction in our patients.

You will need 3 treatments one month apart

  • Save $ 1000 for 3 treatments
  • Regular price for each treatment: $1100 (total $3300)
  • Discount Price for each treatment: $750 (total $ 2250)
  • Maintenance treatment: $600


Labiaplasty is a procedure to reduce the size of the labia minora, which may cause irritation and interfere with daily activities such as exercise, wearing certain clothing, and sexual pleasure. The procedure involves trimming back the labia minora to ensure comfort for the patient and allow it to fit properly against the labia majora

Regular Price in Office procedure: $ 4350
This month’s special price: $ 3800

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