Meet the Staff

Plastic Surgeon & Medical Spa Serving Norman, Edmond, Oklahoma City & Nearby Central Oklahoma


Phone: 405-340-9949
Tammy Watkins joined our practice in late 2014. She specializes in patient care services. You will most likely talk to her to arrange for your initial consultation. Tammy is responsible for your appointments and sending you information about Genesis prior to your initial consult. She will also… Read More
Phone: 405-340-9949
Tracy has been with Genesis since we opened in 2005. She currently serves as our practice coordinator— scheduling surgeries, providing quotes, and collecting payments. You will meet Tracy after you have had your consultation with Dr. Panchal and are ready to schedule your procedure. Before coming… Read More
Phone: 405-445-1632
Becca is a Licensed Practical Nurse since 2013 and licensed esthetician since 2019. She has a background in dermatology and is a big skin care enthusiast. She will assist in nursing care for Dr. Panchal and offers cosmetic procedures for all your skin care needs. She loves connecting with patients… Read More
Phone: 405-340-9949
Amy has been with Genesis since 2016. She has over 25 years of experience in the surgical field working as a surgery technologist in the operating room. Amy not only helps in the office evaluating you but most likely will be present assisting me at your surgery and then help take care of you after… Read More