Body Lift Surgery for Women

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side view of woman's midsection, hips and legsMany people are undergoing bariatric surgery to help them lose weight. After bariatric surgery, however, patients are left with loose and sagging skin around the tummy, breasts, arms, thighs, and buttock.

Body contouring after weight loss surgery can help shape your post-bariatric procedure body and optimize your results.

What Is Body Contouring?

There’s no one “standard” body contouring surgery for everyone. As with most surgeries, choosing the right body contouring procedures depends on your individual needs. Some people only require one procedure, while others may need a combination of surgeries.

Some common combinations of procedures Dr. Panchal offers are:

  • tummy tuck + outer thigh lift
  • tummy tuck + inner thigh lift
  • tummy tuck + breast lift with silicone implants
  • belt lipectomy (tummy tuck + buttock lift)
  • breast lift + arm lift

We advise our patients against any combinations of procedures that would take more than 6 hours to complete. Longer surgeries increase the risk of surgery-related complications. Learn more about the cost of body contouring surgery. Call for your initial consultation in the Oklahoma City area at 405-340-9949.