Virtual Plastic Surgery in OKC and Edmond

3D OCULUS Crisalix VR in Oklahoma City

Virtual Plastic Surgery using 3D Oculus by Dr. Jayesh Panchal at

At Genesis, we are proud to say we are the only cosmetic surgery office in the state to offer the revolutionary 3D OCULUS Crisalix. With this virtual reality technology, you can virtually “try on” your new, post-surgery look before your surgery is performed.

We could show you before and after photos from the countless other patients who decided on cosmetic surgery and were pleased with their new image. But the results of cosmetic surgery can vary depending on the individual. So wouldn’t you rather see your possible outcome, prior to your surgery

The 3D OCULUS does exactly that. Dr. Panchal can show you different options virtually, allowing you to see the benefits of each before coming to a final decision. Not only does this empower you even more in the decision-making process, but it puts you at ease and makes you excited, not fearful, for surgery.

At Genesis, we believe that your final outcome and satisfaction is critically important to us. We therefore, provide this service at no extra cost to you. Dr. Panchal wants to make your dream a reality as much as you do. If you’d like more information about the 3D OCULUS, or if you’d like to schedule a consultation, please contact us today.