August Specials

Our mission at Genesis is quite simple - Keep you looking younger for longer. Let us help you achieve that goal. 

Get rid of your double chin!! 

Very few of is are blessed with a perfect neck. We look in the mirror and just wish that we did not have a double chin. Do you wish it could just disappear? Here is a perfect solution.  Kybella is the only FDA Approved injectable treatment for adults that destroys fat cells under the chin that improves your profile. 

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Regular Price for two treatments : $ 2750

Receive $ 250 off in August 2017 

Introducing Thermi Tight Non Invasive Skin tightening device

We would like to have your opinion 

Over the years many of you have complained about the skin laxity over your knees, over your thighs, your tummy and arms. You have requested a non invasive treatment that would give consistent results. I have found a device that could work. It is called Thermitight a non invasive radio frequency based device from the makers of ThermiVa.

 But I need your opinion.

 Please visit Thermitight web site and see if you would be interested in the device and send me an e mail saying Yes or No to [email protected]  

Xeomin=$50 Visa Card

Purchase 20 or more units of Xeomin for current or future use and receive a $50 Virtual Visa Card. Call today as quantities are limited.

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