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Doctor-recommended skin care products you can trust

There’s something to be said for being adventurous, but for some things – like testing out new skin care products – you’re better off with a recommendation from a person you trust. Your doctor is a good resource for finding products that actually work – and that specifically work for you. 

At Genesis, we don’t really believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. We only recommend a few products that we know to be effective and safe for most of our patients. Here are our picks:

LATISSE eyelash enhancement: Many women will swear up and down that their male friends have covetable eyelashes: long, naturally curled, and dark. Meanwhile, they’re mastering the art of mascara application and – on special occasions – temporary eyelash extensions or false eyelashes.

Let’s not mince words here: temporary eyelash enhancement products are a pain. On the other hand, a product that advertises itself as an eyelash savior seems too good to be true. You apply a solution each day much like you’d apply mascara, and your lashes grow overnight? It’s admittedly not that simple. It takes a few weeks for the treatments to show results – but the results do turn up, and they’re impressive. Your lashes won’t become darker or more curly, but they will become significantly longer and fuller. See clinical before and after photos here:  http://www.latisse.com/RealWomenGallery.aspx

Revision Skin Care Teamine Eye Complex: We love any treatment that improves skin and is backed by plenty of research. And anything that makes us look more bright-eyed and ready to go after a sleepless night? Count us in. Revision Skincare’s Teamine Eye Complex treats dark under-eye circles – but unlike other topical creams, it doesn’t address just one cause. Instead, the formula incorporates grape seed oil, green tea extract, vitamin C, mica, and other moisturizing, line-reducing, and brightening ingredients – a cocktail that gives you the most bang for your buck.